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Candles Just For You!

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S&H/Order Info?How to Order
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Candles Just For You!

Shipping and Handling
     orders up to $9.99 = $5.45
     orders of $10.00 - $19.99 = $5.85
     orders of $20.00 - $29.99 = $6.50
     orders of $30.00 - $39.99 = $6.95
     orders of $40.00 - $49.99 = $7.69
     orders of $50.00 - $74.99 = $7.95
     orders of $75.00 - $99.99 = $8.75
     orders of $100.00 - $125.99 = $9.50
     orders of $126.00 and up = $10.95  
International shipping available.  Please contact me as shipping varies depending on location.
I do not charge tax on any Candles Just For You! items.
Order Information
I accept cash, checks, money orders, and, credit cards when accepting orders.  (Credit cards are only accepted through online orders.)  When paying for you order(s), please make sure to include the appropriate shipping and handling charge to your payment.  Refer to the shipping and handling costs listed above.  If paying by check or money order, make checks payable to Sarah Schweizer.
Once you've placed your order, it will be filled as soon as it is received.  However, orders will not be shipped out until your payment has been received.  Once your payment has been received, and your order has been shipped out, you'll receive notification letting you know that it is on its way.
Place an Order
You can do this in 1 of 5 ways:
1. Order by mail
    Print out the Candles Just For You Order Form, or request one by mail or by phone.  Fill it out, and send it to:
          Sarah Schweizer
          723 Dolan Street
          Bremerton, WA 98310
    *Payment must be sent in with your order.
2. Order by e-mail
    E-mail your order to:
*An easy way to do this is to copy and past the Candles Just For You Order Form into the body of your e-mail, fill it out, and send it in. 
    *Send payment by mail..
3. Order by telephone:
    Call in your order at: 
    (360) 373-6121 or (360) 908-4068
    *Send payment in by mail.
4. Order by fax:
    Fax in your order to:
    (360) 373-6121
   *Please call prior to faxing your order so that I can be ready for your fax, as I don't always keep my fax turned on.  Thank you.
    *Send payment in by mail.
5. Order online:
    Add items, (customized as desired), to the shopping cart.  When you're done shopping, use Paypal's secure online payment system, using either your bank acct or credit card.