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Candles Just For You!

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Party Room

Introducing my new Party Room!  I will be using this Party Room from time to time to host online parties for my home businesses.  I'll have dates and times posted in the "Upcoming Parties" list on this page.  


If you have a home business/s, and would like to have an online party, you may use my Party Room at no cost...All I ask is that you be approved by me first.  For this, all you need to do is contact me at with the following information:

*what business/kind of party




*description of products

*party specials (if any)

Once I've received your party request, I will promptly get back to you with your approval.  I don't forsee any problems in having to deny anyone their parties, so don't worry...I'm just doing this so that I can keep track of what goes on in my Party Room.  Once I've approved your party booking, I'll add your party to the "Upcoming Parties" list. 



Online parties are very simple.  When you decide to have a party, and are approved, start telling people about it...e-mail, word of mouth, however you wish to contact people.  Don't forget to give them the link to this page so tha tthey can "attend the party".  On the day and time of your party, you and your guests will log into the Party Room (you may have other people logging in as well, if they've seen your party listed, and are interested).  Then you discuss top selling products, answer questions, etc.  When it's all over, you'll hopefully have gained sales, new customers, and possible recruits!  Parties run on 30 - 60 minute time slots...your choice.  When logging into the room for your party, please put an R in front of your name so that everyone knows that you are the Representative for the party.  For example, for my parties, I will log in as RSarah.  Guests logging into a party do not put the extra letter in front of their name...obviously.


All times are posted in PST.

Date & Time
Business/Party Info

Friday, March 16th
7:30pm PST

Kat's Coffees & More
Consultant:  Sarah Schweizer
*feature top products
*feature March special
*Q&A period

Monday, March 19th
7:30pm PST

Sensaria Natural Bodycare
Representative:  Sarah Schweizer
*feature top products
*feature March special
*Q&A period

Thursday, March 22nd
7:30pm PST

Stuff A Friend Workshop
Representative:  Sarah Schweizer
*feature current contest
*kids birthday party ideas
*Q&A period

Sunday, March 25th
7:30pm PST

Candles Just For You
Contact:  Sarah Schweizer
*all occasion gift giving ideas
*Q&A period


There will also be Vendor Fairs from time to time.  With these fairs, only one rep per company will be allowed, but reps with multiple companies can add all or as many of their companies as they want, as long as they are not already represented.  I'll have fair dates, sign-ups, and fair schedule posted as they are organized and occure.



Vendor Fairs work the same way as parties, but instead of having one single party for one business, each business takes a turn in the Party Room.  Time slots run on 30 minute incriments.  Each business is allowed up to 2 time slots...these can be back to back. or at different times.  If you are a Vendor participating in a fair, when you log in for your turn in the room, please put a V in front of your name so that everyone knows that you are the Vendor.  For example, if I'm a vendor in a fair, I'll log in as VSarah.  Guests logging in to the fair do not put the extra letter before their name...obviously. 

Enter Party Room
Click on the left button, and you'll be directed to the room's log in area.
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