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Here are all of the clay magnets that I make and sell.  Prices and descriptions are listed underneath each item.

Each magnet is made with actual modeling/baking clay and high power magnets to ensure long lasting use.  They are also covered with a special clear glaze, which helps protect them from breaking. 


I Love You Magnet
Item #H3


Give this small but suddle magnet to the person in your life that you love.


Loving Dove
Item #H13


This lovely white dove in front on a light pink heart is a well known image of love.


I Love You Magnet
Item #H3


Put a little luck of the Irish up on your refrigerator with this cute shamrock guy!  He's sure to bring some good luck your way!


Shamrock Guy
Item #H14

catch the radiant colors of autom leaves all year round!  Set includes:
   *1 maple leaf magnet
   *1 oak leaf magnet
   *1 acorn magnet


Halloween Set
Item #H2

They're so scary that they're cute!  :)  Set includes:
   *1 jack-o-lanturn magnet
   *1 witch's cat magnet
   *1 ghost magnet


Christmas Set
Item # H16


The perfect festive touch for your kitchen!  Set includes:
   *1 gingerbread man magnet
   *1 stocking magnet
   *1 Christmas tree magnet


Winter Set
Item # H17


Bring the beauty of the winter snow indoors.  Set includes:
   *1 round tip snowflake magnet
   *1 snowman magnet
   *1 pointed tip snowflake magnet



Bowling Magnet
Item #H4


The details of this magnet range from the holes in the ball, to the stripes on the pin.


Football Magnet
Item #H5


This foot ball is sitting on it's stand just waiting to be kicked...too bad you can't actually play with it.


 Baseball Magnet
Item #H6


Let's go out to the ball game!  Baseball fans will love this magnet.  Sure to be a home run!


Basketball Magnet
Item #H7


Ok, so i can't make a net, but just pretend that this ball is in mid air for a slam dunk! 



Balloons Magnet
Item #H8


Birthday baloons? carnival balloons?  You don't need a special occasion to put this colorful magnet up on your refrigerator!


Smiley Magnet
Item #H9


The perfect addition to the Smile Suncatcher.  A constant reminder to keep smiling! :-)


Music Theme Set
Item #H10


Anyone with a musical background will love these!  Set includes:
   *1 treble clef magnet
   *1 bass clef magnet
   *1 eighth noth magnet


Flower Magnet
Item #H11


A good addition to the Flower Power Suncatcher, this spring flower magnet makes it possible to have flowers year round!


Rainbow Magnet
Item #H12


Here's a rainbow to brighten up those dreary rainy days!


Teacher's Apple
Item #H15

Children will love giving this magnet to their favorite teacher!  Sure to give them an A+ for effort!


*If you are buying a particular magnet in bulk, (Bulk is 3 or more of the same magnet.), please contact me for further information as bulk prices vary depending on the type of magnet, and quantity desired.
*If you like a particular magnet, but want it made in a different way, please contact me and I'll try my best to customize your candle according to your specific desires.