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Here are the newest crafts that I've brought to Candles Just For You!  Product prices, discriptions, and options are listed under each item.

These suncatchers are made of durable plastic, and have been hand painted to give them their ability to create beautiful images with the help of the sun!  These make pretty ornaments even if the sun isn't shinning!  Each includes a suction cup for hanging.

Charming Bear
Item # E2


This cute teddy bear all dressed up in his vest and tie is accented with a heart.  Makes the perfect addion to an "I love you" gift!
*colors may vary.


Friendly Frog
Item # E4


If this fun frog image doesn't make you smile, then nothing will...:)
*colors may vary


Flower Power
Item # E5


Who says that flowers only bloom in the spring?  With this pretty suncatcher, you can have spring flowers all year round!
*colors may vary.


Item #E9


A cute turtle pair, with the larger turtle carrying the smaller turtle on its back.
*colors may vary


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Musical Ornaments
Finally, ornaments that you don't have to worry about breaking!  Children (and adults too) wiill love these stuffed felt ornaments!  Press the center of the ornament to hear a musical tune.  Each ornament has a musical life of over 10,000 pushes!

More Suncatchers

Bunch of Balloons
Item # E1


This bunch of 13 colorful balloons, tied with a blue ribbon, is sure to create a cheery image on your wall! 
*colors may vary


Hot Air Balloons
Item # E6


These vibrant colored hot air balloons will look great "floating" on your windows..Especially when the sun is shinning and the sky is blue!
*Colors may vary.


Item # E3


Having a rough day?  Here's the perfect suncatcher to spread some light around you!  Just seeing it will remind you to keep a smile on your face.
*colors may vary.


Item #E7


Be prould of your faith.  This suncatcher makes a nice ornament to hang on the rear view mirror in your car. 
*Colors may vary.


Item #E8


Goes nicely with the "Smile" suncatcher. 


Picture Frames
I've come up with a unique way of taking baked clay designs, and gluing them onto simple wooden picture frames, transforming them into cute items for any home decore. Definetely something that you'll want others to see!  Each frame holds a 2" x 3" photo!     

Spring Time Frame
Item # G1


This frame is accented with a bird and flower.  Makes a cute frame for portraits, and for nice gifts
*accent colors may vary


I Love You Frame
Item # G2


Need a good frame for a wedding or anniversary photo?  How about Valentine's Day?  Well, here it is!  Accented with hearts and the famous "X", which symbolizes kisses.
*accent colors may vary


Personalized Frame
Item # G3


Give someone their own personalized photo frame.  Name can be constructed in red, pink, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, or purple. 
*For larger names, the frame may have to be turned long-ways
*other accent and accent colors may vary


Name On Frame
Name Color

Sports Frame
Item #G4


This is the frame for anyone who loves sports!  They'll love their favorite sports team name spelled out in the team's colors..and don't forget the appropriate sports ball too!.   


Team Colors

Hokiday Frame
Item #G5


This cute frame has a candy cane and Rudalph the red nosed reindeer on it.  Too cute to pass up!


*If you are buying a particular item  in bulk, (Bulk is 3 or more of the same product), please contact me for further information as bulk prices vary depending on the product, and quantity desired.
*If you like a particular item, but want it made in a different way, please contact me and I'll try my best to customize the item according to your specific desires.